Locally Owned & Operated Serving Oahu Since 2008
820 W. Hind Drive #240913
Honolulu, Hawaii 96824
License No. C34399

PIPE MASTERS specializes in 6 areas of the plumbing industry; 1) Plumbing (service, repair & new construction), 2) Pipe/Drain Cleaning, Inspecting & Locating, 3) Hot Water Systems (Gas, Electric, Hybrids, Tankless, Commercial and Solar), 4) Trenchless Technology (Pipe Lining & Pipe Bursting), 5) Backflow Prevention Devices, and lastly 6) Electronic Leak Detection.

We invest in the most advance technology in the industry, offering both commercial and residential markets 2 forms of trenchless technologies to rehabilitate drain and water lines, thermal imaging cameras & line transmitters to detect leaks and moisture behind floors/walls/ceilings, as well as offering the island of Oahu the one and ONLY hot water hydro-jetting service.

With our team of Master Plumbers, of which Oahu has only 60 total, and the very best tools in the trade, PIPE MASTERS hopes to surpass all expectations of a plumbing contractor and provide only the highest standards of workmanship and customer service. We appreciate you considering PIPE MASTERS for your plumbing needs.”