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Pipe Masters Logo with Podcast MicListen Up! It's the Pipe Masters Poddy

Tune in with your favorite Honolulu plumbers, Arvin and Jason, as they bring you bursting news from the plumbing world on the Pipe Masters podcast! They're talking drains, updating you on the latest technology, and sharing stories only plumbers would have. Learn what you can do to prevent major catastrophes, tips and tricks of the trade, and important plumbing practices to incorporate into your every day.

Take a plunge into plumbing and see how it's flowing!

Season 1

Pipe Masters Poddy: Episode 1

In our first episode, we talk about drain pipes, and what happens to drains when you don’t use them correctly. We dig into FOG (fats, oils, and grease) and some misconceptions of what should go down the drain.

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Pipe Masters Poddy: Episode 2

In our second episode, we cover what you can do to keep your drains flowing and extend the life of your pipes.

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