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Pipe Bursting

If you got pipe problems, call Pipe Masters! 

Honolulu Pipe Bursting

Quicker & More Affordable Repairs Through Bursting Pipes

If you have a sewer pipe that is so badly damaged that it cannot benefit from our pipe lining, you could benefit from our unique pipe bursting service in Honolulu. By using our trenchless technology for bursting pipes, we can provide you with a fast, effective, and reasonably priced services.

This can be a very delicate process and should be entrusted to experienced Honolulu plumbers. Pipe Masters has more than 30 years of combined plumbing experience and can quickly give you a brand new sewer line with minimal disruption.

If your sewer lines are giving you problems, call our team at (808) 396-7473 or contact us online!

How Does Pipe Bursting Work?

Pipe bursting a complex process that allows for fewer disruptions. A big cable will be fed through a portion of your current sewer pipe. Attached to the cable is a large tool that will burst or break apart the sewer pipe. Behind the tool is a brand new length of sewer pipe. As the cable is pulled through the sewer line, the tool will break apart the existing pipe, and the new pipe will replace the destroyed pipe.

The Advantages to Using Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting in Honolulu has many benefits, including:

  • Pipe Bursting Is Less Invasive -
    With normal pipe replacement, often times you'll need to dive very big trenches through your property. This can cost a lot of money as well as be an eye sore for your neighbors to look at. Pipe bursting is a trenchless option that won't destroy your yard.
  • Cost Effective -
    Having a large crew just so they can dig a long trench across your property can get expensive, fast. With pipe bursting, only requires a small access point and it doesn't require a team of people who are their to dig up your yard and repair that as well.
  • Environmentally Friendly -
    Due to the non-invasive manner of pipe bursting, you won't be digging up pipes that is unhealthy with mold or eve asbestos. Since no digging is required it helps you to avoid health risks and it won't bother the environment.

It is a more cost-effective option when compared to traditional sewer line replacement.

What is an Orangeburg Pipe?

Orangeburg, or “no-corrode,” pipes were commonly used in local households around 75 to 50 years ago. This pipe is made from wood pulp and hot pitch, a cheaper alternative to iron, copper, and steel. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for - while these sewer pipes had a life expectancy of around 50 years, many started failing much earlier because they lacked the integrity of stronger pipe materials.

Sinking of your lawn and depressions in your soil can occur when the heavy dirt starts to weigh on and crush Orangeburg pipes. They also cause greener patches in the lawn where the roots are getting more water and nutrients from waste as it passes through cracked or leaking pipes. Many homeowners have already experienced the effects of deteriorating Orangeburg pipes, such as flooding and pipe collapse. If you know your plumbing system consists of these pipes, do not hesitate to contact our Honolulu plumbers. Our thorough pipe inspections in combination with our pipe bursting technology, can help ensure dangerous and messy problems in the future.

For Experienced Service on Your Sewer Pipes, Contact Pipe Masters

When you trust our team at Pipe Masters to solve your sewer pipe problems, you are trusting the company that offers the best warranty on the island. We use advanced technology, tools, and practices to make sure you can receive the best possible service. Our company is locally owned and operated and can help you with efficient and effective service. Take a look at our testimonials and great specials!

To set up a free estimate of pipe bursting your sewer pipes, contact us at (808) 396-7473.


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