Trenchless Technology in Honolulu

Breaking Tradition: Repair Your Broken Pipes without Breaking Down Your Walls! Call (808) 396-7473.

If you’re experiencing frequent sewer backups or a constant need to pay for clogged pipe repairs, you may need to consider relining or replacing your pipes altogether. At Pipe Masters, we offer trenchless technology that doesn’t require digging up your landscape or damaging your building. Whether you have intruding tree roots, corroded or cracking pipes, or other issues that are creating problems for your plumbing, our Oahu plumbers deliver state-of-the-art solutions that last.

Our Honolulu plumbers use the MaxLiner system, a proven, unparalleled solution for relining lateral pipelines that has been relied on the world over for nearly two decades. Through this MaxLiner system, we deliver lasting repairs for residential and commercial clients alike, relining your pipes without destroying your yard or walls. After high-pressure cleaning of your pipes to remove obstacles, we can inject a sticky epoxy to form a new lining for your pipes.

In some cases, we may need to send a cable down your pipes to first break apart your pipes, and behind this pipe-bursting cable will be new piping. With this trenchless technology, we can seamlessly clear away troublesome pipes and install new pipes that will spare you headaches and expensive repairs for decades to come.

Get fast, affordable pipe repairs through trenchless technology. Call (808) 396-7473 to reach our Honolulu plumbers at Pipe Masters today!